Is this event segregated?

Yes, as always this event will be segregated!

Is there a Refund policy?

Tickets purchased are non refundable and is non transferable.

What age category is this event suitable for?

We find this event suitable for all age groups.

Are there baby changing facilities at the venues?

Some of our venues do offer these facilities. However it would be best to contact the venue directly via phone or website.

Will there be Salah facilities?

Yes, we will ensure that prayer facilities are provided. However, it would be advisable to perform Wudu before arriving to the event.

What if I am hungry and need to eat?

You can not enjoy a good show without some nibbles! YES! There will be snacks and hot/cold food service. Cash only please!

Can I take pictures or film during the show?

You are free to film or take pictures as a guest at our event.

Can I meet and greet the artists?

We will try our utmost to organise a meet and greet segment after the show ends.

Can I purchase tickets at the door?

Subject to ticket availability, you can order your tickets on our website even when you are at the door.

Will the line up stay the same?

We plan for all our artists to perform at every city and venue. However, there may be some situations whereby the artist may not be able to attend. But don’t worry, our line up is usually packed with alternatives.

Parking and public transport

Please refer to venue website for parking and transport facilities.

Are there any known Health and Safety issues?

Warning! There are flashing lights during this event.

Will your venues have disabled access?

Yes, however to double check, please refer to your desired venue website address.